domingo, 30 de setembro de 2007


1-Correlations of frontal lip-line canting with craniofacial morphology and muscular activity

Jin-Hyoung Cho, Eun-Jung Kim, Byeong-ChaeKim, Ki-HyunCho, Ki-HeonLee, and Hyeon-ShikHwang;

2- Osseointegration and biomechanical properties of the onplant system

Xiang Chen, Guoxin Chen, Hong He, Cong Peng, Ting Zhang, and Peter Ngan

3-Use of recorded interactive seminars in orthodontic distance education

Kenneth T.Miller, Wallace M. Hannum, Tarr lMorley, and WilliamR.Proffit;

4- Surgical correction of a Class II skeletal malocclusion associated with anterior open bite and temporomandibular joint pain

José Augusto Mendes Miguel, Julio Pedra e Cal-Neto, and Henrique Martins da Silveira

5- Temporomandibular joint alterations after correction of a unilateral posterior crossbite in a mixed-dentition patient: A computed tomography study

Robert Willer Farinazzo Vitral, Marcelo Reis Fraga,Roberto Sotto Maior Fortes de Oliveira,and Julia Cristina de Andrade Vitral;

6- Maxillary tooth transposition: Correct or accept?

Roberto Ciarlantini and BirteMelsen;

7- Effect of various curing lights on the degree of cure of orthodontic adhesives

Markus Niepraschk, Christos Rahiotis, T.Gerard Bradley, Theodore Eliades, and GeorgeEliades;

8- Squamous cell carcinoma of attached gingiva

Aaron Tolman, Laurance Jerrold, and Mark Alarbi;

9- Maxillary molar distalization with mini plates assessed on digital models: A prospective clinical trial

Marie A. Cornelis and Hugo J. De Clerck;

10- Influence of interbracket distances on the resistance to sliding of orthodontic appliances

John Q. Whitley and Robert P. Kusy;

11- Mandibular permanent first molar and incisor width as predictor of mandibular canine and premolar width

Camilo Aquino Melgaço, Mônica Tirre de Sousa Araújo, and Antônio Carlos de Oliveira Ruellas;

12- Extraction of maxillary first permanent molars in patients with Class II division 1 malocclusion

Mattijs J.P. Stalpers, Johan W. Booij, Ewald M. Bronkhorst, Anne Marie Kuijpers-Jagtman, and Christos Katsaros;

13- Dynamic smile analysis in young adults

Christopher Maulik and Ravindra Nanda;

14- The neuroanatomic basis of facial perception and variable facial discrimination ability:Implications for orthodontics

Richard S. Masella and Malcolm Meister;

15- Occupational hazards in orthodontics: Are view of risks and associated pathology

Nikolaos Pandis, Brandi D.Pandis, Vasilios Pandis, andTheodore Eliades;


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